Currency Impact Calculator

The Currency Impact Calculator estimates the impact an adverse change in exchange rates would have on your business profitability.

The tool is intended as an estimate and does not attempt to model possible changes in taxation resulting from reduced profits. The purpose is to assess whether or not foreign exchange risk is a critical issue for your company and guide your foreign exchange risk management strategy.

The model is currently set to show the impact of a drop from today’s £/€ exchange rate to a parity scenario, i.e. a scenario whereby £1 = €1. These inputs can be changed in the relevant cells below.

Currency Calculator
Current forecast Forecast after sterling adjustment
Current Sales € 0.00
Sales after sterling adjustment € 0.00
Current operating profit € 0.00
Operating Profit after sterling adjustment € 0.00
Current Profit After Tax (PAT) € 0.00
PAT after £ slides assuming all interest and tax costs in euros € 0.00

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