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Brexit Advisory Clinics

Enterprise Ireland is running a number of Brexit Advisory Clinics across the country. The core objective of the Advisory Clinics is to provide information and practical support to companies all around the country to allow them take action to address their exposure to Brexit.

Along with a series of practical seminars, the clinic provides the opportunity to get personalised advice specific to your business. This is delivered through one to one meetings of 40 minutes with independent experts across a number of business areas.


Limerick Agenda

8:00 Registration and Tea/ Coffee
8:15 Pre-booked one to one meetings commence.

Welcome & Opening Remarks

Jerry Moloney, Enterprise Ireland, Regional Director, Enterprise Ireland


Financial and Currency Management

Addressing the need through the use of a case study for strong currency and financial management in light of Brexit, insights into best practice and what immediate actions you can take to protect your business.

Moira Creedon, Author & finance faculty at several universities incl. IMI and Ryan Academy



Overview of Agency Supports – SBCI

An insight into the Brexit Loan Scheme – a €300 million fund available to eligible companies exposed to Brexit.

John Madigan, Head of Marketing & Research, SBCI

9:55 Market Development meets Market Diversification
SME Panel Discussion – Insights into the market tactics and lessons learnt from SMEs as they look to build on their UK business but also diversify into new high growth markets and sectors.


10:30 BREAK

Overview of Agency Supports – Enterprise Ireland

A summary of the various supports from Enterprise Ireland to support clients exposed by Brexit.

Jonathan Mc Millan, Brexit Unit Manager, Enterprise Ireland



Strategic Sourcing 

Understanding and reviewing your Brexit sourcing arrangements to reduce costs, increase efficiency and potentially identify the need for alternative suppliers.

Mike McGrath, Managing Director, Arvo ‘Effective Procurement Delivered’


Overview of Agency Supports – Local Enterprise Office

A summary of the various supports from the LEO to support clients.

Eamon Ryan, Head of Enterprise, Limerick LEO




Insights into trading with a third country and what this means in practical terms for business.

Carol-Ann O’ Keeffe, Assistant Principal, Revenue Irish Tax and Customs

12:45 Closing Remarks & Lunch

The knowledge we gained at the clinic enabled us to take some immediate action to prepare for Brexit. This included working more closely with our critical suppliers, as well as sourcing European components directly from Europe. These actions will make us more efficient by streamlining our sourcing arrangements and reducing costs Nicola Lawless

CEO, Kerry Flyer

Attending the Brexit Advisory Clinic was invaluable to our company as it gave us an opportunity to listen to, discuss and evaluate our company’s specific ‘Brexit’ challenges with financial and logistics experts within SME’s sector. The meetings provided us with confidence that the commercial and financial decisions that we have taken to date are both timely and appropriate in response to our company’s exposure to Brexit. More importantly however, the meetings  specifically identified a customs compliance challenge, that we previously were unaware of, that will arise post Brexit. Cathal Doherty

CFO, Nomadic Dairy

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