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Brexit Advisory Clinics


Enterprise Ireland is running a series of nationwide Brexit Advisory Clinics. Upcoming clinics include:


11th April Charleville Park Hotel, Co. Cork –  More Info/Register to attend


The core objective of the Advisory Clinics is to provide information and support to companies all around the country in taking immediate action to address their exposure to Brexit. Enterprise Ireland is encouraging companies to develop their capabilities in 3 specific operational areas:


Financial and Currency Management

Managing a volatile exchange rate and implementing best practice for financial management for SMEs in uncertain times. Ensuring your business is sufficiently protected with insights into the immediate actions you can take.


Strategic Sourcing

What if your key suppliers are not able to supply at current volumes required, increase their costs by 20-30% due to new excise duties or even go out of business tomorrow? Understanding and reviewing your sourcing arrangements to reduce costs, increase efficiency and identify alternative suppliers with better supplier management.


Customs, Transport and Logistics

Implementing more efficient transport and logistics arrangements and preparing for import and export procedures (customs declarations and administration etc.) with the UK as necessary.

Along with a series of seminars, the clinic provides the opportunity to get personalised advice specific to your business through one to one meetings of 40 minutes with independent experts across the 3 business areas.



  “The knowledge we gained at the clinic enabled us to take some immediate action to prepare for Brexit. This included working more closely with our critical suppliers, as well as sourcing European components directly from Europe. These actions will make us more efficient by streamlining our sourcing arrangements and reducing costs.” Nicola Lawless, CEO, Kerry Flyer

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