Are you importing or exporting goods outside the EU?

What is an EORI Number used for?

The Economic Operators Registration and Identification (EORI) number allows businesses to import or export with countries outside the European Union. The EORI number is a unique reference number recognised by all EU member states and is a requirement on all customs declarations.

First introduced in 2009, the EORI number is a common reference number for interactions with the customs authorities in any EU Member State. All Irish EORI numbers are prefaced with the prefix IE and contain eight characters. It is closely aligned to your VAT number but requires a separate EORI registration with Revenue.


Register for your EORI

To obtain an EORI number, companies can register directly through Revenue. If you are already registered on Revenue Online Service (ROS), you can register within a matter of minutes. Once the registration is complete, the EORI number is active immediately.

If you believe that you already have an EORI number, this can be verified by simply checking the EORI Number Validation service. Insert your VAT number prefixed by “IE” and select Validate.

Revenue has support for companies that have questions about their EORI number and process. Details on how best to make contact with the relevant team are available from their website.