How the Ready for Customs Grant is helping Declaron become the go-to solution for customs


Declaron is an innovative new customs clearance solution that saves you time and money by enabling you to create and self-manage your own customs declarations online.


Their team of customs clearance experts are available to ensure you have all the support you need to be able to manage declarations directly.

This radical new solution has been custom designed to support businesses importing from or exporting to the UK post-Brexit.

It saves you time on paperwork, enables you to clear your goods faster, and keeps you Revenue compliant and audit ready.

Errors on customs declarations are the number one reason goods get blocked at the moment but to date, Declaron customers have had no red or orange routings due to declaration errors.


Disruptive technology – smoother trade

Declaron is disrupting traditional customs procedures in a way that eases the administrative burden immeasurably.

The technology-based customs clearance innovator was set up in 2020 as a joint venture of business advisory firm BDO Ireland and Kerry based Fexco, a payments and fintech company.

Its online customs clearance service helps Irish businesses to manage the exponential rise in documentation that has arisen because of the UK’s departure from the EU.

“When a ‘hard Brexit’ started coming up as a real possibility two years ago, it became very clear, very quickly, that the market wasn’t capable of meeting the needs of businesses,” says Michael Nolan, chief executive of Declaron.

With the number of customs declarations due to be lodged with Revenue predicted to rise from 1.6 million a year to 20 million, a shortage of clearance agents was a mounting source of concern to Irish businesses.

“Estimates indicated we were short of some 3,000 customs agents if we were to be able to cope as a country with the amount of paperwork coming,” explains Nolan.


Let technology take the strain

Declaron, which combines BDO’s financial advisory expertise with Fexco’s technical strengths, took an innovative approach to the problem.

“For us it was a case of asking ‘how do we apply 21st century solutions to a 19th century problem?’ because customs declarations hadn’t progressed significantly in over 100 years,”

Declaron uses cloud-based technology, accessed over the web, that does not require any integration of software for users, or significant technical expertise in-house, to manage their customs paperwork.

“Even with great technology, customers will still be in need of customs expertise, which is why we also have customs experts available to talk to them from 7am to 7pm, seven days a week,” he says.


Keeping customers compliant

That service extends to 24-hours a day care in the case of issues with shipments on the move – when you need that human touch – but Declaron minimises the risk of goods ever getting ‘red routed’ in customs.

That is what makes the ground-breaking platform so valuable: unless all the paperwork is complete and correct, Declaron’s system will simply not accept it, providing enormous peace of mind to customers.

“Our systems demand compliance,” says Nolan. Using Declaron leaves companies audit-ready too. “We are the guardrails.”


Highly scalable solution

Because it is technology based, Declaron is disrupting the traditional customs agent model in a highly scalable way.

That is helping to reduce concern that Ireland will not have enough customs agents to cope with demand.

That is good because the snarl ups seen in ports in early January should be taken as a final warning of the need to prepare properly for customs, he cautions.

A combination of pre-Christmas stockpiling, lack of demand because of Covid-19, and the UK waiver of certain goods until June, are all still artificially impacting trade flows.

“We know a number of people were having trouble getting through to their customs agents in January,” he says, pointing out that was at a quiet time in terms of the movement of goods.

When stockpiles run out, the UK waivers end, and normal trade flows resume, it is vital that Irish businesses are fully prepared.

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Making the most of the Ready for Customs Grant

To help build its team of customs agents, Declaron availed of Enterprise Ireland’s Ready for Customs Grant.

The grant provides funding of up to €9,000 for every new or redeployed full-time staff member employed to handle customs in-house, or €4,500 for a new part-time staff member.

This new support is open to companies that are directly engaged in business activities to, from or through the UK and which require new or increased customs clearance capacity.

“I would recommend the Ready for Customs Grant to any company that uses customs declarations. If help is needed to support customs declarations, it is important to know there is a grant available for it,” says Nolan.”

Declaron, which has a staff of 35, has used the grant five times.

“We have used it to hire the customs clearance agents we need to help our customers and to answer their questions, because we know that customs is scary. It’s why some people have tended to bury their head in the sand and just put it off,” he explains.

“My advice would be to look at your business’s customs preparedness straightaway. Don’t wait until there is a truck sitting outside your door – do it now.”


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