Post-Brexit Advisory Support

The Post-Brexit Advisory Support helps businesses to create a strong action plan and identify the opportunities and risks that the new trading environment in the UK may pose to your business.

The initiative is available to Enterprise Ireland supported companies and is delivered at no cost to the company. The initiative is intended to help companies strengthen their capabilities in three key business areas:

(1) Strategic Sourcing

(2) Customs and Logistics

(3) Financial and Currency Management*

The structure of the assignment between the company and the consultant consists of:

  • A half day with the consultant and your company to discuss your current arrangements and the challenges that Brexit brings
  • Consultant spending a half day analysing the findings and formulating practical advice and recommended actions for your company
  • Consultant spending a further half day with your company discussing the advice and recommendations and agreeing on an action plan that clearly outlines the various actions
  • A final half day spent by the consultant preparing a unique and specific report for your company, articulating the challenges and actions agreed (including details of dates and responsibilities).
  • *Note: The Business Financial Planning Grant will support companies that wish to develop their financial capability. See Covid-19 Business Financial Planning Grant for details.


Eligibility Criteria

You must already be an Enterprise Ireland client to be eligible.


How to Apply

To apply, contact your Development Adviser (DA) or email the Brexit unit to express your interest in the programme.