Summary of Enterprise Ireland Supports

The following is a summary of some of the Enterprise Ireland supports that can be used to help you manage your Brexit response.

Prior to applying for Enterprise Ireland support, clients should contact their Development Adviser or contact the Brexit unit for assistance.

Post-Brexit Advisory Support

The Post-Brexit Advisory Support has been developed to focus on three main areas of capability (1) Strategic Sourcing, (2) Customs and Logistics and (3) Financial and Currency Management*. Delivered over the course of two half day sessions with an independent consultant, the initiative helps companies decide on specific actions over a short period to address some of the risks and opportunities from Brexit.

This initiative for Enterprise Ireland clients is delivered at no cost to the company.

Evolve Strategic Planning Grant

The Evolve Strategic Planning Grant is designed to support Enterprise Ireland clients to determine how the company might respond to the threats and opportunities that have arisen as a result of changes to the trading environment in the UK since January 1st 2021.  The grant, which offers up to €5,000 in support can be used to help cover consultancy and international travel costs associated with the project.

Brexit: Customs Insights course 

The Customs Insights course helps businesses understand the key customs concepts, documentation and processes required to move goods from, to and through the UK. The course will provide learners with a firm understanding of the customs implications for their business and the options from Revenue to make this process more efficient.

Strategic Consultancy Grant 

The grant supports the hiring of a strategic consultant typically over a longer period to assist the company in the development and/or the implementation of strategic initiatives. It is designed to facilitate business growth as the consultants can act as coach, mentor, facilitator, analyst for the company.

Eligible projects must be new assignments of strategic significance to the company such as a specific strategic review of one or more business functions e.g. review of the company’s treasury policy  and/or implementation of a new strategic initiative e.g. preparation and implementation of new multi-currency forecasting tools and procedures.

Market Discovery Fund

One of the key aims of the Market Discovery Fund is to specifically support companies in their market diversification plans. The grant aims to incentivise companies to research viable and sustainable market entry strategies. Companies can seek support to develop new geographic markets for existing/new products OR develop new products for existing geographic markets.  It provides support towards internal costs e.g. wages/ salaries, foreign travel and market research material and external costs e.g. market consultants, trade fair expenses, rental of temporary office space.

Agile Innovation Fund

The Agile Innovation Fund has been developed to support product, service and process innovation to build competitive advantage.

Compared to the other established Innovation supports from Enterprise Ireland, this fund is geared towards clients in sectors with rapid design cycles or have not previously applied for RD&I support. The key benefit of this support is that it allows for a simple application process and delivers a faster response time from application to approval.

The new Agile Innovation Fund allows companies to access up to 50% in support towards innovation projects with a total cost of up to €300,000.

Operational Excellence Offer

The new Operational Excellence Offer enables Irish companies trading internationally to develop or transform their wider business in order to compete more effectively.

Through a single, integrated application process the offer allows eligible companies to access financial support for business or operational change projects as well as the capability building and capital investment associated with innovation. The goal is to incentivise and support the key elements of a larger transformation project leading to significantly increased competitiveness.